Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Landscaping ideas

For whatever reason I've been in a decorating/home renovation mood lately. I saw this house for sale in Memphis a while back (still for sale) and I fell in love with the landscaping and the outside of the house. I'd love to have my home this exact color and have landscaping just like this. Without giving away the exact address, it's on Philwood in the High Point area. My little house is very similar to this in structure, so I honestly think I could make mine looks eerily similar if I tried. Just need the $$$ !

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gigantic artwork

I've been on the hunt for big artwork. And by big, I mean giant canvases that sit on the floor and prop up on the wall. While I like abstract art and used to paint random stuff myself, I think for a giant piece like this I would prefer something like the photo below - an actual photograph or some words.

Monday, February 21, 2011

My next dining room

My current dining room is a bright red color, which I do like. However, it's hard to match ANYTHING to red. Green around the holidays looks good, but outside of December I don't want my dining room looking like a Christmas tree.

I saw photos of this room in the latest publication of House Beautiful magazine and I really love it. (The photo in the magazine is actually a lot prettier and shows of the room better, but I can't find it online.) My dining room looks very similar; same style of old chandelier, same type of curtains already up, I have a wood table with wood chairs, and I have a darker brown rug on the floor with hardwood flooring. The only thing lacking is the bright white/ivory paint on the walls. I think my room will look a zillion times brighter and cheerier with ivory walls instead of the harsh red.

So by the time spring is here, and after I purchase a whole lot of good primer - I hope my dining room will resemble this one below!