Monday, February 21, 2011

My next dining room

My current dining room is a bright red color, which I do like. However, it's hard to match ANYTHING to red. Green around the holidays looks good, but outside of December I don't want my dining room looking like a Christmas tree.

I saw photos of this room in the latest publication of House Beautiful magazine and I really love it. (The photo in the magazine is actually a lot prettier and shows of the room better, but I can't find it online.) My dining room looks very similar; same style of old chandelier, same type of curtains already up, I have a wood table with wood chairs, and I have a darker brown rug on the floor with hardwood flooring. The only thing lacking is the bright white/ivory paint on the walls. I think my room will look a zillion times brighter and cheerier with ivory walls instead of the harsh red.

So by the time spring is here, and after I purchase a whole lot of good primer - I hope my dining room will resemble this one below!

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Mrs. Chip said...

This room is gorgeous! Love it! And I feel ya about the red, because my dining room is green so I have the exact problem, just backwards :)