Friday, June 26, 2009

New "Poppy" Coach line

First of all, to anyone who works for Coach: I hate the new website. I consider myself to be exceptionally internet saavy, yet I can't manuever around that crap they call a site. Too many flash players all playing at once, you can't turn the Intro off...I just want to look at the bags!! Not see photos of what I could potentially look like carrying the bags if I was 50 lbs skinnier and a foot taller. And carrying a dog in the bag, while wearing large pink sunglasses and jumping in a puddle.

I digress.

Here's their new "Poppy" line. I find it fun, yet more classic than some of the other crap they've come up with recently. (For the most part.) (Okay for maybe part part.)

That rhinestone thing at the end though....yikes.


Tasha said...

I used to love the traditional coach purses, but their new stuff just isn't good (in my opinion). If I were 16, I would LOVE them, but I just can't see myself carrying the majority of their new bags.

Carina the Blogarina said...

Some of theses bags are so spunky and fresh! I really like the silver clutch, it's similar to one of my own.

Hope you have agreat weekend!

Sophorn said...

Great colors but I still can't find the bright red orange i saw in chicago. you seem pretty in tune with fashion. have you seen any pieces lately like coats, belts or purses in that color? trying to do a posting on that possible color trend. Enjoy browsing through your blog.
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